Work 作品

 Butterfly Taiwan

Stuck for a long while, Pray for blessings,
    Break free, Blessing Taiwan
 In East Asia, butterflies are a symbol of blessings. The artist takes this metaphorical symbol on in hopes that all major cities in the world will have a “butterfly/blessing filled” well-wishing project to endow blessings on the city and nation. “Butterfly / Blessing Filled Taiwan” is one such well-wishing project born out of this concept.

 Inhabitants on this beautiful island are simple, resilient, and down-to-earth, and they are always able to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Still, Taiwan has been in a difficult time for so long that there is an inexplicable heaviness heaved upon us. We hope to come out of the current economic and political hardship, hence the butterfly imagery as it is homophonic to the Chinese word for “accumulated blessings.” It serves as a gesture to evoke blessings onto this land. With ultimate sincerity as seen in spiritual practices, the totem element representing Taiwan’s native butterflies are taken as a gesture of blessing, showering good wishes onto Taiwan hoping that it will gracefully break free and take flight, much like a butterfly breaking free from a cocoon. With such sincere well-wishing intent, the pen strokes are moved in such a way that layers and layers of blessings are accumulated. Kind people should be blessed and be freed of difficult environments in order to change and shift mode of thinking. For many of us that live and work hard on this island, we are quietly exerting a force praying for safety and hope. It is in my heart of hearts to hope for each of us on this land can be free like butterflies and take flight. While expressing my sincere intention, I apply the uncanny homophonic word of butterfly / blessing-filled to wish this beautiful island all the best. God bless Taiwan! All blessings to Taiwan.


困頓許久 祈福禱告
破繭而出 福疊四處
生長在這片美麗寶上的人,純樸堅忍的韌性,總能在黑暗的困境裡找到光明,但困頓太久了,有說不出的沉重,我們期待能脫離現今經濟與政治困境,因此以「蝴蝶」與「福疊」諧音,來為這塊土地祝福,以祈福的至誠,將台灣的原生種蝴蝶為圖騰元素,祝福每個國家城市如同優雅蝴蝶般的破繭而出振翅飛翔。懷抱著祈福的心境,用真誠的意念,揮動畫筆,將福願層層疊疊的堆砌起來,所以善良的人們,應當被受祝福,掙脫環境的困惑,改變與跳脫思維。對生活在這塊土地上努力的我們,用無聲的力量祈禱一份平安與希望,心中誠意的期盼這塊土地上的每一份子,都能如同蝴蝶般恣意的,自由的展翅,如同表達自己真實的意志,更應用這巧妙的諧音『福疊』,祝福這片美麗的寶地。       天佑!福疊!