Work 作品

 Traditional Chinese Character -- Reconstructed

 Chinese characters are a kind of semiotic system. This system refers to “forms adopted by such symbols in the Chinese language” and “content reflected by such symbols in the Chinese language.” What Chinese characters convey is not only linguistic communication but also unique word forming concept via object observation and shape extraction, thus revealing the ideographic and communicational function of Chinese characters. During the creation of this piece, the artist sees the words as pure graphic presentations, re-deconstructs the words, and then with integrated creativity, selects words for their positive meaning and energy. Then the artist takes the cultural and historical connotation embedded underneath the words, as well as the contemporary social phenomena, as his creative base, as an echo of current social situations. Besides expressing the existing cultural content through the creation, the work also somewhat carries a concern for humanity and identification with the local state of being.

Work: Men at Birth
The work takes the original shape of a character, deconstructs it, re-shapes it into another visual symbol, and derives its concept from the Chinese word, “Ben” (meaning “Origin”). The word “Ben” can be deconstructed into three components as “Man, the Plus sign, and the Minus sign.” The Chinese word for “Man,” in semiotics, thus transforms from being “Signified” to “Signifier,” with its innate capacity to add and deduct. Such transformation echoes Laozi’s relativity philosophy on “Yin and Yang”, “Increases and Decreases.” “Ben” is the original nature of Man in its beginning pristine state. When each one of us is returned to his/her original and pristine state, a cultural, spiritual bridge will subsequently be made. This series of three works are of various combinations of “Man” with “+ -” signs that ultimately form an arch bridge, intending to link up the bridge within each one of us. What is above or beneath the bridge is correspondingly true and false; real and un-real; physical and virtual, much like a recurring and concurring life cycle. What appears to be a gigantic eye from a distance can actually see through all that meets the eye, all those vicissitudes of life, inviting us to take each life seriously while returning to our age of innocence.

Work: The Road Home
Albeit in a desolate grassland, the disjointed traditional Chinese characters still stand upright, look to the derelict distance, and uphold a connection with each other, never to give up. This image sends out a message that as long as we all stand united, unfretted, there are no hurdles we cannot cross.

Work: Rootless Traditional Chinese Characters
Traditional Chinese Characters, disjointed, fragmentized, adrift in mid-air, carry a metaphor to indicate everyone’s sense of insecurity and insufficient identification with the land. It is a state much akin to the “traditional Chinese characters” bereft of their root words and sense of security, thus suspended in the air with no place to land. It is my deep yearning that such work will awaken everyone to value and cherish this beautiful island, Formosa.