Work 作品

 Seasons of Life-Division of Solar Periods

 The ancients in their great wisdom divided the year in 24 periods. Today, facing the serious problems of global warming and the destruction of the environment caused by rapid technological development, our common wish is to return to these essential foundations. Essence is greater than form, and returning to the essence of the solar periods implies spiritual experiences and exploration during life's different seasons and finding a release. Lines in my paintings represent life's scars and the passage of time. Life's seasons are like the pattern of changing weather over the course of the four seasons. Sometimes we go through difficult periods that are like bitter cold, but afterwards, life is full of sumptuous blossoms. These transitions are also demonstrated by clear skies after a storm, or the appearance of a rainbow after the rain.


Transition into Spring
The silence is broken and everything recovers as springtime thunder screams and cherry blossoms bloom. We should ignore passing time and enjoy each quiet moment to grasp the true meaning and value of life, and seek eternal beauty. 
Transition into Summer
In the heat of the summer, crops grow vigorously and farmers are busy working in the fields. The human heart is restless like a drifting balloon. Calming our hearts like a clear stream, we feel refreshed like the purity after a drenching rain. Life is stable and the grain is plump. 

Transition into Autumn
This is the season when day and night are equally long. In early autumn leaves fall, and the osmanthus becomes fragrant. Each flower is its own world and presents comfort and beauty. The fall of autumn leaves creates a moment that is eternal.

Transition into Winter
For the season where all is frozen and hibernating, I have deconstructed the cunfa (dry brush technique) lines and decorative points in Chinese landscape paintings, and formalized the emptiness, superficiality, and destruction of contemporary life. The result is staggered, flying lines that are like complex thoughts coming from all directions. I am seeking my place and origin in the traces of these continually overlapping and circling lines. Winter is a quiet season of waiting, and life must comply with heaven's wisdom. The lines represent the traces of life's process, a humble and liberated artistic attitude, and present an artistic style that is reserved and simple. At the end of winter, life's return is awaited. Green willows sprout and pink blossoms emerge, heralding the arrival of spring, and thus the endless cycle of life.